Why Replace Missing Teeth

A person’s smile and teeth affect their entire life. It is our mission to provide our patients with a healthier life, and full function throughout their lifespan. A missing tooth or teeth can affect your life choices, speech, and what you eat. Subsequently, becoming dependent on the remaining dentition increases the chance of premature intraoral damage.

Why allow your dental and medical health degenerate? The result of having missing teeth leads to bone deterioration. Dental implants are life lasting and an excellent substitute for replacing edentulous/missing teeth. Dental Implants are excellent substitutes for natural teeth because of the discovery of “osseointegration” made by P.I. Brånemark. Dental implants preserve the mandible and maxilla bone structures and gum tissue health. Your dentist and the implant surgeon will work as a team and provide you with options allowing you to make an informed decision concerning your dental health.